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Direct mail seems to have fallen out of favor with car washes with many people hearing they don't work or trying them and not liking the results. Our roots are in direct mail so we are firm believers in the approach. Why? Because the results are measurable.

Think of it as a scientific experiment. Direct mail has four variables that you control-the list, the timing, the creative and the offer. Find the right combination and you are rewarded. Test, test, test to find that combination.

Yes, postage costs are a problem so you have to be smart about your approach.

Lists - Relevance is the key.

  • Mail only to a limited radius around your car wash
  • Mail to households with at least one car
  • Mail by age, gender, income, home value, date of birth, lifestyle selects

Offer - Relevence is the key. Target your premium wash by income. Basic washes by radius. If you are mailing to young ladies, acknowledge that in your mailing. The same with birthdays. Always put an expiration date on the mailing to give it urgency.

Always personalize (the negative to the post office's every door direct mail. Yes, it saves some money but you lose the ability to talk directly to the prospect. It's a trade-off worth testing).

Timing - How many times have you set a mailing aside intending to pick it up later? Because of this, it might be better to plan a series of mailers to the same prospects rather than a one-time shot to a larger audience.

Creative-This is really important in the commodity business. Follow AIDA (attention, interest, desire, action) principles and make your mailing stand out. Typically, this is a postcard format and well worth testing different designs. If you are printing a bar-code on the mailer (as all DRB customers should) it will most likely be run on a laser printer. So changing designs should not be a large issue.

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