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Fundraising is a big one but many carwashes are torn between creating a card or books that can be used by multiple fund raisers or devoting themselves to one cause. At the recent ICWA show, we spoke with a gentleman whose car wash became synonymous with an annual free car wash he did for veterans on Veteran's Day. The media attention came every year and veterans frequented his car wash. (He even has a website, graceforvets, to help you set up an event, too.)

We've also printed a generic, plastic (and card stock) fundraiser card for car washes that they collect and reuse time and again for different fundraisers. By coding their card, they are able to tell which organization promotes and sells their washes and what they gain as a return on investment. Many washes use coupon books for the same purpose.

Another popular marketing idea is to co-op with another local business. The local business, say an insurance agent, will receive a discounted car wash price and give his customers a free wash coupon. If the coupon is redeemed, the car wash debits the insurance agent for the discounted price.

One of our customers, a large chain in the south, prints thousands of free wash coupons every year and always does grand opening coupons when they open a new wash.

They know the value of getting customers, entering them in their database, then contacting them later through email, social media or mailings to keep them coming back.

Do you know how many special offers you can make? Over our years in the direct mail industry, we've tried dozens. Here's a partial list:

  • Discounts
  • Percent off, dollars off
  • Free add-ons
  • Buy one get one free (BOGO)
  • Coupon for future purchase
  • Discount on second product
  • Free gift card with purchase of Unlimited Monthly Wash Package
  • Free gift with purchase
  • Seasonal or event driven sales
  • And on and on.

In many cases, one idea becomes profitable and is repeated over and over. But how do you know which offer or promotion is best for your wash? Will $2 off a wash pull as well as a free wash? How much should you discount your initial Unlimited Monthly Wash offer to attract customers?

All of these promotions and discounts can be tested. By coding and tracking your results, you'll soon know the optimum price or discount to bring in the most customers at the least expense to you.

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