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New! Destructible windshield and door jamb stickers cannot be removed!

Destructive vinyl, permanently adhesive with security slots. ¾" x 2"

One color pricing. Call for 2-3 color pricing.

  • 500: .60 each
  • 1000: .35 each
  • 5000: .20
  • 10000: .15

We provide marketing services to the carwash industry. We print gift cards, ticket books, coupons, windshield stickers, direct mailers, fund raising materials, brochures and other sequential numbered or bar-coded items so our customers can track results.

We are happy to discuss marketing strategies or branding ideas with you because we also provide design services. Affordable design services, that is.

Hopefully, you are taking advantage of DRB System's customer codes or are specially coding your marketing communications to create a customer database for your car wash. Getting, and talking to, repeat customers are where profitable results will come from.

We can help you do that.


Save on To/From/Amount gift card envelopes!

.25 each, minimum 100 order

Choose from 4 presenter styles:

.20 each with order of 500 or more gift cards!

Marketing Your Car Wash
There is no substitute for testing

Car wash owners have tried a number of marketing ideas to promote their car wash with varying degrees of success. If you're active in car wash associations, chances are you have too. The ideas are boundless and many are successful.

Market with a plan

Discount or Free wash coupons are a good way to get people to your wash, but...

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